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    This is my favourite photo idc what anyone says i love it

    ugh ffs i’ll reblog this forever
    youre an angel

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    This was one of the first pics I remember resonating with me here on tumblr….I didn’t understand then why….now I do.

    I did this for years. I get it now. She doesn’t sit there because she’s young, or naive, or silly. She sits there because she wants to. Because that is her comfort spot. Her place to be near him. No matter what he’s doing. She is close because he gives her peace and comfort.  He quiets her mind. He is her strength to draw from. Have no doubt, she has her own strength.  But his is different.  His belief in her…..well that is a power in and of itself.


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    Ralph Gibson, days at sea, 1974

  5. kitty-en-classe:

    ph. Ralph Gibson

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    My amazing GF

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